At K&Z, we build premium cabinets and custom architectural woodwork.

We strive to build long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

We only provide the finest craftsmanship.

What drives us

Our Values Define Our Cabinetry

We always stay true to our values: quality, service, and integrity.


We use only the finest materials and adhere to strict standards. All our products are built to last.


Our customers come first. We pride ourselves in fulfilling our contracts, meeting deadlines, and exceeding expectations.


We stand behind our work and operate with honesty, fairness and accountability at all times.


Our Projects

K&Z has over 50 years of experience undertaking custom architectural millwork projects. We have institutional clients in education, healthcare, and commercial sectors. Our expertise in precise fabrication and quality craftsmanship results in custom woodwork built to endure decades of use.

WHo we serve

Our Clients

K & Z serves over 40 active customers, including leading construction firms and project management companies. 

Our largest market is education, making up 80% of revenue between K-12 schools and university projects. 

Additional segments include convention centers, healthcare, government offices, and commercial buildings. 

With a focus on customized solutions, K&Z maintains a diverse mix of new construction, renovation, and expansion projects.